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YOU may, or may not, have heard the story of a badger that made international news multiple times over the last year.

No? Well, for the benefit of those of you who missed it, back in February 2020, a badger fell through the roof of a Superdrug store at a Northampton shopping centre as it hid from Storm Ciara.

Thankfully, said badger was ok but unsurprisingly, she created something of a storm as news spread across international and national media like wildfire and garnered a great deal of unexpected media coverage for both Superdrug and Grosvenor Shopping Northampton.

However, what…

Image taken by Kid Circus (Unsplash)

I consider myself lucky. Extremely lucky.

Why? Because I always had an idea of what I wanted to do with my life and career. I grew up loving sport — football in particular — and writing was my passion.

Granted, my career has changed a little since going off to university with aspirations of becoming the next Henry Winter. A significant reason behind that was because I found myself not wanting to be constrained by football or sport and I had a deep urge to spread my wings and my horizons.

There were a few factors that helped me take…

LIFE is full of big moments. Moments that stay ingrained in our minds — reminders, for better or for worse, that serve a significant purpose as we grow as humans.

As children, you learn boundaries — what you can and can’t away with as you quickly find out you’re not invincible.

You climb a tree and, embarrassingly, get stuck, you don’t do it again. You ride your bike down a stony hill, lose your balance, and fall off, cutting your leg and left looking silly, you don’t do it again. You steal your favourite chocolate bar — all to save…

LET me start with a question for you. Do you take your personal brand seriously enough?

I didn’t. Or at least I didn’t until recently.

Even as someone who has worked in PR for the last eight years, it wasn’t something that I had given much thought to until I joined the highly-talented team at Hallam in March.

Sure, I was active on social media. Twitter was, and still is, my go-to, I have Facebook mainly to watch funny videos of dogs and weird pranks, I had never posted on LinkedIn until earlier this year, and my Instagram also hasn’t…

Tom Bestwick

Writer. Storyteller. Interviewer. Digital PR. Content Creator. King of the Brew.

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